Halloween Costume Dos and Don'ts

October 1, 2018

Alright everyone, it’s almost October and that means it’s time to start thinking about what you are going to be for Halloween. Selecting a costume should not be a last minute thing. Halloween is the ONE night that you can be ANYTHING you want to be. You can be something scary, something beautiful or something heroic. You can even be something funny, something creative, or the ever-so-popular something sexy. The world is your oyster... and honestly that would be a pretty good costume. You’re welcome. But even if you lack creativity, there are other options out there than being Tom Cruise from “Risky Business”.


For instance, say you are a poor college student. It completely makes sense that you want to just put on a skimpy black dress with some cat ears. I get it. I’ve been there. But let me tell you, people are sick of seeing it. I did an Instagram poll and asked “What is the most overdone Halloween Costume?”, and without hesitation the first person said a black cat. Keep the skimpy black dress as a base, go in your closet and grab a cute kimono, layer some scarves and other drapey clothes, add a top hat and BOOM you're Stevie Nicks. And if you don’t know who Stevie Nicks is then you should just be an uncultured swine for Halloween this year. Either way, it’s simple, cheap, and not overdone.


    After reading all of the responses to my Instagram Poll, I decided to compose a list of costumes that the general public is sick of seeing.

  1. Black Cat (as mentioned above)

  2. Harley Quinn

  3. Disney Princesses (mainly sexy versions)

  4. The Purge characters

  5. Where’s Waldo?

People are REALLY sick of Harley Quinn. I received messages on Instagram saying “it does not matter how cosplay you think your Harley Quinn looks, just don’t”, and “if I see one more Harley Quinn I’ll lose it”.. So, maybe refrain from that particular costume this year.


The other complaint that a lot of people had when it comes to Halloween costumes is when people come to a Halloween Party and don’t dress up. Honestly we would rather you be Harley Quinn or a Pirate for the 9th year in a row than refer to yourself as a “Muggle” because you were too lazy to participate in the fun of Halloween. Coming to a Halloween party in regular human clothes is like going to a wedding in a white dress. It’s just disgraceful.


Luckily, I took another poll and asked “What is the most original Halloween Costume you’ve ever seen?”.

  1. Bubble Gum Machine

  2. Home Alone Characters

  3. Avocado

  4. The Simpsons

  5. Shrek

Honestly, if I ever saw someone dressed as Shrek, no one else’s costume would ever compare. Most of these costumes listed above just require some creativity and DIY. How easy would it be to cut out some green material and stick your head through a hole and be an avocado? Millennials would go wild. According to my polls, people are more interested in seeing handmade or DIY costumes than store bought. If you want to be something sexy, be a sexy little Bubble Gum Machine, or Shrek (whichever floats your boat). You can be simple and still not be overdone.


Try looking at locally owned costume shops or theaters that allow you to rent out costumes. Or even try basing an outfit around a dress or already owned item. If you are still at a loss, check out some ideas on Pinterest. There are a lot of creative people out there, and you can be one too! Tackle Halloween Costuming like a champ this year, because no one wants to see you as a Muggle.









































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