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September 1, 2018

Metaphysical and magic shops have finally made their way back into the comfortable norm in America since the initial rise of their popularity in 1970s. And I can feel it - It might just be the people that I attract or those who attract me, but many, if not all of my friends have considered themselves navigating through and learning about their spiritual journey, attention to self-care, or their healing and growth paths or patterns.  Also many incorporate some kind of practice into these thought processes– and they’re often on the look out for a local Metaphysical shop to help with the process. Personally, I've visited a few of these businesses around Pittsburgh, but nothing has caught my eye or attention more than Juju located in the ever so lovely Point Breeze. 


I first met Leslie McAllister, the owner of Juju, through a mutual friend at a birthday celebration – or as the vibe of this article would have it – a party for a friend’s solar return. I was immediately drawn to her energy and I wanted to learn more about her cheerful and kind spirit. After an evening filled with great conversation and bubbling celebration at the Belvederes Ultra Dive, I followed Leslie’s Instagram account; her business account for Juju {@juju_pgh} I fell in love with the shop online, & very quickly learned I would enjoy it even more so in person. You really have to physically visit; the energy may be the most important part of this very special shop.


Leslie comes from a background filled with music, fashion, and magic. She started playing piano at age 7 and shortly after became obsessed with metaphysics, tarot, and witches. Recalling a memory from when she was a very young child, she was visited by a witch in a dream who told Leslie she was one of them. She was petrified, but Leslie explains that,

“Later the dream intrigued me and I did feel a pull towards magic. It made sense to me. By age 12 I found my first tarot deck and the journey began.”

She went to music school in Boston and would visit Salem often, experiencing her first rituals there. Later she attended school for fashion merchandising & upon graduating, she implemented a 3-5 year plan to get herself to Pittsburgh to open this shop.


In Leslie’s own words, Juju is a magical lifestyle store that embodies the self aware, spiritually aware, and magically aware. Including a curated collection of vintage ceremonial garments that are hand selected by Leslie herself. A table of crystals for deep connection, intuition and healing sit in the storefront underneath a dream like window display and tarot & oracle decks line the walls as you enter.  There are a myriad of oils, tinctures and plant bundles available for clearing, protection, and raising the vibration and a bookshelf that holds titles relating to magic, self-help and spiritual awareness. Leslie offers jewelry for adornment and perfumed oils fit for a goddess. She reads tarot cards by appointment in a small but intimate room in the back and teaches classes, workshops and hosts readers from all over.


Juju’s energy is different from other metaphysical shops that I have visited within the area. I’ve also noticed that when I speak about it via social media, I always get a more abundant response from my spiritual friends. The only way I can really describe is that it illuminates goddess energy and not just metaphysical facets of healing and knowledge. Leslie has curated her own unique vibe I'm sure that was made from finding one of a kind pieces to market at Juju, each vintage fashion piece extraordinary and each potion serving a high purpose. Perfumes curated for the queen within and tools made with fine nuanced art as inspiration.  Leslie tells us that,


“Simply based on what I hear customers say, the shop is special. People want to hang and chill; sit and talk. They feel at home in the store. They feel great and safe in the store.  That is all because of the energy and vibrations I raise in the shop. The attitude I bring into the store everyday. I am so happy to be there and I bring that in with me. Juju offers community. Juju offers a place of discussion about magic. ”

She also explains that the feeling in the store is directly related to the fact that she cleanses with cedar and palo santo at least once a day.  


Fire magic is one of Leslie’s favorite ways to elevation, positivity, and growth; she loves to burn stuff!  She tells me,

“I believe in the power of intention and lighting a candle can set that magic in motion. I believe in the positivity that comes from smoke cleansing a space like your home, car or office . . . Not only can it release negative energy but many (plant bundles) bring blessings, invite in benevolent spirits to guard and protect and elevate a high vibration.“

Her favorite tools are plant bundles like cedar, mugwort and palo santo. She loves using ritual candles, crystals, and tinctures – Leslie shares some more knowledge with us and explains that if you weren’t familiar,

“Tinctures are a flower and/or gem essence in an alcohol or glycerin base. They are utilized to help fill in the energetic blanks for us. For example, they can be used when in need of assistance in grounding, anxiety, feeling run down or depleted. They are taken under the tongue or diluted in your water or tea. If you prefer to sustain from alcohol, you may put them in your bath, a drop on your pillow at night or into your skin. Mother Earth wants to heal us. Through the ground, her plants, her crystals and her energy we are able to significantly align.“


As I explore the shop I am a witness to Leslie sharing knowledge with any and all of those who seek it. She offers not only high quality goods, but also abundant positive vibration and helpful guidance for anyone looking to unlock healing energy through metaphysics or magic. This shop truly embodies positive Juju and Leslie hopes to continue to have a positive impact on the community as this shop has positively affected her.

“Every person that comes through the door has something to teach me. Sometimes it’s simply patience. Other times it’s a deep connection. I’m always learning something. I do know that this shop is bigger than me. It’s taken on its own energy. I’m simply the container for it. I’m there for a hug, a smile, a laugh, or some real tough talks.”




Look out for Juju’s upcoming events


September 9th 3:30-5:30 Numerology for Enlightenment 103 with LaVerne Baker Hotep


September 15th 12-5 Blogger & Creative Closet Clean Out Sale : this has become a favorite event - great clothing, accessories and home decor for the closets of Pittsburgh’s creatives. 


September 30th 3:30-5:30 Introduction to the Chakras with Amy Haid of Samira Yoga


Check out the shop located at 6739 Reynolds St, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

or visit shop-juju.com


{Honestly...do both}

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