Race to the Summer Bod 2018: The Fun Way!

April 2, 2018


As I sit and type this article, stuffing my face with my homemade ice cream sundae, I think back to the promise I made to myself months ago about getting fit. Can I call it a new year’s resolution? Not really, because I’m pretty sure I knew that in the long run I wouldn’t stick with it. But summer is quickly approaching! And in order to get that “Summer Bod,” I have decided I need to look past the dreary colors of my gym and the weight-lifting I convince myself I love so much, despite constantly being worried about how I look while doing it. The time is now to switch up the typical workout routines that don’t motivate me enough for the workouts that don’t really feel like work. I’ve brought to you a list of some unique and fun programs to help you build that summer body!


There are endless options for programs to get you healthy and fit, and a lot of them have been becoming more and more popular lately, mostly for group events. Programs like dance classes of all kinds, like hip hop, belly dance, even pole dancing, as well as aerial silks classes, rock climbing, and classics like yoga and cycling, are all designed to make sure you have fun while also getting you in the best shape of your life. I’ve compiled some of the best places in the ‘burgh for all of these programs so you can join me in the race for that Beach Body 2018.


DANCE CLASSES: We are going to break this section down by type of dancing for everyone’s interests. Embrace that inner sex appeal with some burlesque classes or pole dancing, build those abs with belly dance, and find your rhythm with hip hop classes from studios around the city.


            Pole Dance Locations:


Hip Hop Dance Locations:


Belly Dance Locations:


AERIAL SILKS: Aerial Silks are one of the top programs I want to try. They look so fun, like they would make you feel ethereal and beautiful, even though you’ll probably look really awkward and goofy the first time. Goal: Try to get as skilled and look as flawless as P!nk’s performance at the 2014 Grammy’s.




ROCK CLIMBING: This is another bucket list thing I’ve been dying to try. Ever since Ascend opened in South Side, I’ve asked approximately 15 different people to climb with me, so far no such luck. Mark my words, it will happen soon! Rock climbing provides the nostalgic childhood memories of climbing walls in the middle of the mall, but with a new challenging approach to it that will make you soon want to go bouldering in the mountains.




YOGA: A crowd favorite and one that might be easier to start out with for those who aren’t quite physically ready for strenuous activities. There are so many different types of yoga for anybody to choose from based on their experience and comfort level. Calm yourself down after a stressful week with a program that will not only stretch you out but also make you stronger both physically and mentally.



  • Yoga Factory Pittsburgh, Lawrenceville

  • Yoga Hive, Garfield

  • Ascend, South Side

  • Urban Elements and Cycology, North Side

  • Most gyms and studios                                                                             



CYCLING: If you’re unlike me and don’t suffer from asthma, you might enjoy the high energy, cardio-based, party on a bike that is Cycle programs. You’re essentially dancing, while pedaling, surrounded by a bunch of really sweaty, happy people and honestly, I’m probably just going to hit my inhaler 1,000 times and do it anyways. It’ll burn fat and calories while building SO much muscle at the same time. It’s an all-in-one, and most classes last less than 90 minutes!



  • 6YCLE, South Side (check out our article last month featuring this brand new woman-owned studio, complete with fitness apparel store and juice bar coming soon!)

  • Steel Revolution, Shadyside (frequently does charity classes where a portion of proceeds go to certain fundraisers, 8 completed so far!)

  • Urban Elements and Cycology, North Side

  • Cycletique, Bethel Park (for our friends out of the city limits and into the south hills!)


I hope you’re all as inspired as I am to get out and have some fun while also kicking your own butt into shape. I look forward to seeing you all around these programs!



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