Love, Pittsburgh: The Little Gift Shop With a Huge Personality

April 2, 2018


Perched upon the top of scenic Mt. Washington, you can find a selection of bars, bakeries, restaurants, and ice cream shops, and up until last year, that was it. Guests of our little metropolis would ride one of the many incline planes to the Mt. Washington Overlook, decked out in their sports team's gear, and take that coveted photo in front of the best view of the city. There are plenty of places to then go eat, and drink just across the street on Shiloh Ave, but I always thought there was something missing from that area, something...obvious. 


Love, Pittsburgh opened on Shiloh Ave July 4th of last year, and has been taking the area by storm. Owner Kelly Sanders stated: "It's like a souvenir shop, but instead of everything saying 'Made in China,' it's all locally handmade with love."


The pieces that are showcased in the store have that Pittsburgh quirk. You can find ornately decorative illustrations of Heinz ketchup bottles, tiny handmade knitted cacti, throw pillows that are in the shape of a pierogie, and classic city skylines with beautiful hand lettered Pittsburgh phrases like "Ya Jagoff." 


The two owners, Kelly Sanders and Monica Yope got the idea to open Love, Pittsburgh when they saw that lack in the market. They were already members of the Maker's scene in Pittsburgh and had so many talented friends and peers that didn't have a central place to sell. "It only made sense to bring everyone together and test how well they would sell. It's a great launching pad for so many makers to then grow their business outside of the store. They can come test their product here and then move into other areas and continue to grow," said Kelly.


It's so hard to believe that this powerhouse pair have only known each other for a little over a year. "We each bring different skills to the table but I think we are really equal in what we contribute, I don't think either of us ever feel like were 'picking up the slack', we share the balance," said Monica.


Now that the dynamic duo has been wildly successful in their spot on Shiloh Ave, according to the partners, it only made sense to bring that personality to a different spot in the city. Love, Pittsburgh will be opening the doors to their new location at 805 Liberty ave, with a soft opening in April and then a grand opening in May. Kelly exclaimed, "We make every business decision with the makers in mind. We're opening this location so hopefully it allows more orders to be placed and more success for our partners." 


They hope that this new location brings more of the maker's pieces into the homes of visitors and Pittsburgh residents alike, and we are so excited so see the growth in this business that stands for showcasing the work and talent of others!


Now what are you waiting for?! Go snag yourself a pierogie pillow!


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