Your One Stop Beauty Destination: Dallas Beauty Lounge

April 2, 2018

Dallas Beauty Lounge is not like most salons. It was built on hard work, dedication to specific beauty techniques, and most importantly creating a unique and professional place for clients. I had the opportunity to speak with Dallas Suaers the owner and creator of Dallas Beauty Lounge. Her journey started at the young age of 21 years old when she decided to drop out of college and begin her nail technician journey. She borrowed $530 from her father, bought her supplies, and never looked back. “That $530 was my first and last loan I have ever accepted,” Dallas expressed to me.


    It has now been 3 years since the opening of her Bridgeville store. “I grew up in Bridgeville, PA. I wanted my first store to be near to where I started. It is now a destination for clients. Clients already know what to expect when they walk through those doors,” Dallas explained. Dallas Beauty Lounge is a destination spot. Dallas and the rest of the team take pride in knowing that they are giving clients an amazing experience every time. Her team is certified in one specific area. If you are getting your lashes done, you are getting your lashes done by someone who specifically works in that specific area. The nail artists only do nails. The hair stylists only do hair. Dallas has made sure that the staff members working in her salon are skilled and operate only in that one department. That is how you know that you are getting a high end service done. If you even doubt their services the slightest amount, check out their instagram: @dallasbeautylounge.


    I asked Dallas what has been the most rewarding experience for her throughout this journey, and she explained that the journey has been very “organic” for her and that she is just living through each moment. “The most rewarding thing about it all is my workers. Watching them do what they love, and knowing that they are doing what they love is the most important thing to me,” Dallas expressed to me. The growth of Dallas Beauty Lounge is based on the importance of maintaining a skilled and qualified staff. Dallas is a nail technician, but her friends/clients are the ones who helped her to welcome in other techniques such as lash extensions, skincare procedures, brow techniques, hair, and more. Everyone working at Dallas Beauty Salon is certified and qualified in their one specific craft. Dallas never planned on opening a full-service salon, but because of her amazing team, she was able to do so.


 Dallas explained the importance of asking for certification in a salon setting. She said, “It is okay to ask for certification before getting something done. It is not considered rude, because the person doing a procedure like microblading or lashes should have credentials or credibility for both safety and legal purposes. It is your body, make sure the person doing a procedure is qualified.” Dallas also shared with me that a person does not have to be certified to do microblading or eyelashes. That is extremely scary, especially because those are both very difficult and sensitive areas to work with.


    I asked Dallas what her plans for the future were and she mentioned opening up some new locations, and potentially a beauty school. “I would love to open a beauty school that specializes in certain beauty techniques. That way you are given the option to choose a specialty and learn everything there is to be known about that particular beauty technique. There are no schools around that offer that kind of speciality, and I would love for people to be able to learn that one trait without the stresses of finances and learning techniques that they are not passionate about," Dallas said. I have no doubt in my mind that this amazingly talented lady will not accomplish all of these goals. She is already working towards her next location.


    The amazing talents of Dallas Beauty Lounge do not stop in Bridgeville. This Spring, Dallas Beauty Lounge will be opening up a second location in Downtown Pittsburgh. The second location will be located in the Market Square area of Downtown (23 Market Square Pittsburgh, PA 15222). They are expecting this location to be more “walk-in” based. So, if you are unable to make your way out to Bridgeville, be sure to stop by the new Downtown location once it opens!












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