Spring Trends: 2018

March 1, 2018


This Spring, exciting things are happening! With better weather, hopefully, comes better fashion. It’s time to ditch your puffer jackets and snow boots for light tops and open-toed shoes. 


Finally, the stirrup pant makes its way back into the high fashion world. Maybe it’s just me but I always wondered why stirrups stopped being produced. Hello, trendy pant with a functional use? What could be better? The stirrup pant comes back with a slimmer silhouette than previous revivals. They can be casual and sporty, or super trendy with the right pieces. Pair these beauties with your favorite sneaker for a played-down vibe or rock a small mule for some elegance. Either way, we are beyond excited to see these pants back in action. Looking forward to seeing what you style babes do with them. 


Now another favorite piece of mine that I hope everyone owns: the turtle neck. BUT, this isn’t any ordinary turtle neck you’ll see this spring. The turtle neck has a comfier and breathable twist – split sleeves and an exaggerated neckline. This re-vamp is fresh and fun, and sure to be a best seller this season. As with any staple garment of the season, OWN IT!   


My last favorite upcoming trend… FLORALS. And I know what you’re thinking, “florals for spring…groundbreaking.” However, these aren’t any florals. This spring introduces deep sea florals, and they are beautiful. These florals can be seen in neon colors with a juxtaposed dark background. 

I usually look forward to Spring just because the cold is my least favorite thing, but with these upcoming trends I am even more ready. 



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