Slide On Over to Pittsburgh's Newest Food Truck!

March 1, 2018

Pittsburgh has always been full of classic past times, especially summer events like “Stillers” games, the Three Rivers Regatta, catching some rays dahn at the point, but one of the newest and most popular hobbies for locals is hunting down their favorite food trucks. Pittsburghers love food trucks so much that they have an entire festival dedicated to them every year where hundreds gather in one area in Washington County! Although it’s safe to say most people have their favorites, a new contender is entering the ring to win over your taste buds and heart. Meet Thom and Jefferi Amatangelo who are now, with help from son Jake, proud owners of Pittsburgh’s newest food truck: Let It Slide.


 Left to right: Jake, Thom, Mia, and Jefferi Amatangelo


Let It Slide is a food truck dedicated to delicious little slider sandwiches.  While burgers typically come to mind when the word “slider” is mentioned, the Amatangelos aren’t stopping there. “We are going to offer small versions of popular sandwiches including (but not limited to) Sausage and Pepper Parmesan, French dip, Pulled Pork, Antipasto and a Buffalo Chicken ‘Sloppy Joe,’” Thom said, detailing the options listed on their menu. They will also be catering to their vegetarian and gluten free fans with some accommodating options, as well as plenty of sides to choose from.


The Amatangelos, originally from Rostraver Township, consider themselves a foodie family, but that’s the extent of their culinary background. Jefferi, formerly a paralegal, and Thom, having worked in plenty of telecommunications, sales and management positions, are now pursuing their food truck dreams. “The idea for a food based business started several years ago.  We have been interested in something for some time.  A few years back, we attended our first food truck roundup in Pittsburgh and the idea of a food truck seemed very interesting,” Thom recalled, paying reference to the aforementioned Meadows Casino event. Growing up in very Italian families, they’ve been surrounded by food culture their entire lives, and wanted to start a business that the family could be involved in. “We wanted to do something where we could work together as a family and encounter different people from all over the Pittsburgh area.  We love Pittsburgh and are excited to get out and interact with people from all the different neighborhoods.” The family is very excited to take on this effort full time and dedicate all of their attention to it.


They’re not quite yet ready to hit the roads though. Thom noted that they are still in the early phases, perfecting their recipes and receiving feedback from taste testers. They plan to hit the streets in mid to late April, planting themselves in the surrounding city areas such as Oakland and the North Side, as well as business parks like Southpointe. They’ve learned that starting a business is no easy feat, but have been able to easily tackle the administrative aspects of it all. “We are hoping to gain a better understanding of the overall food truck industry,” Thom mentioned, and it’s clear they have a respect for all of the veterans in it. They want to hop on the scene, not steal the spotlight, saying the goal for the truck is to serve, “sandwiches that would be easy to eat while walking around and, if they so desire, still have the stomach room to taste items from as many of the other awesome trucks as they can handle.” The family looks forward to continue starting a brand from scratch, and said that the long-term business may mean more food trucks, or other opportunities as they arise.


Let It Slide PGH will be seeking out your business in just two months, so make sure you keep an eye out. They’ve just jumped into social media, starting their Instagram page only last week. Find them @letitslidepgh to keep up with all of their updates and make sure to hunt them down come April!

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