6ycle: Beyond the Ride

March 1, 2018


Are you looking for a killer workout with a great atmosphere and reasonable prices? Well, look no further, because 6ycle offers it all! This new and modern cycling studio has recently opened in South Side, and is ready to make itself your #1 workout destination. 6ycle was founded by two fitness gurus, Jess Linn and Taylor Guthrie, with whom I had the pleasure of speaking. The idea for 6ycle came into play when both Jess and Taylor realized that there was no modern and convenient cycling studios nearby. They wanted to open a place that was in a prime location, with a killer workout, and a fun and welcoming environment.


6ycle is not just for experienced riders, but for all levels. 6ycle promotes healthy living and body positivity. They want you walking out of there and feeling amazing about yourself. 6ycle has 6 classes a day (hence the name), that focus on core areas of the body. You can read a little bit more about each type of class offered on their website at: www.6ycle.com. The classes are offered all throughout the day, starting at 8:00 AM and ending at 7:45 PM. That gives members and visitors a variety of times to attend.


Did you know that your first ride is free?? I mean, what gets better than that? Having that first class free allows you to experience 6ycle and see if it is the place for you. The pricing is very reasonable, and they offer discounts to college students. Jess and Taylor emphasized the fact that they want it to be a place for everyone to enjoy and for everyone to at least experience. They want their clients to be their friends, and they want them to feel relaxed and laid back in the 6ycle environment. Each class has 20 bikes, and their website makes it super easy to register for each class, but be sure to register ahead of time because the bikes fill up quickly!


6ycle has been getting a ton of great feedback and Jess and Taylor could not be more thrilled. The responses they have been getting are making them realize what an amazing place they opened for the community. But it does not stop there. 6ycle is big on philanthropy and giving back to the community and charities. They have been a part of multiple fundraisers already, and they also host a lot of fundraisers at the studio. It is wonderful to see how involved and passionate these girls are in helping others. You can check out more information on upcoming events and how to get involved on our Moxie calendar, as well as 6ycle’s website, Facebook and Instagram (@6cycle).

As if 6ycle can’t get any better, Jess and Taylor will be introducing their juice bar titled “Juicy” on March 10th. Juicy will feature a juice and smoothie bar in the same building as 6ycle. If you attend the opening on that day you will receive 20% off both juices and smoothies AND 6ycle packages. Jess and Taylor wanted to have everything in a central location. I mean who doesn’t want a smoothie after their workout? I also heard from reliable sources that there is going to be a “Hangover Cure” smoothie. This dynamic duo is very aware of their surroundings. Being in the middle of South Side it is important for them to cater to the demographic and clientele in the area.


Jess and Taylor are also working on their own Women’s Activewear Apparel called “TYGHT”. They have already been in the process of creating their brand. “There are going to be matching outfits, such as sports bras, crop tops, pants and more, and different colors for seasons, as well as our core colors. We already picked the material that we like, so we are getting the ball rolling on this project as well”, Taylor explained to me. TYGHT will be sold in house, as well as with 6ycle swag.

I asked Jess and Taylor what their future plans are for 6ycle, Juicy and TYGHT. They hope to own their next location and have 6ycle be on one floor and TYGHT be on the other floor. That way it is a one stop spot for all your fitness needs. We will have some of 6ycle’s upcoming events listed on our Moxie March and April Calendars, but you can also check out more details on classes, events, specials and more about the owners at: www.6ycle.com, www.facebook.com/6YCLE, and @6yclepgh on Instagram.




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