Pittsburgh's Most Eligible Bachelorette: Harley Skibicki

February 1, 2018

I have always wanted to play Chris Hanson in The Bachelor and The Bachelorette series, but since "Reality Television Show Host" doesn't look

like it's in the cards for me, I figured I would just play matchmaker here on the internet. Presenting to you Moxie's first singles feature, the ever lovely Harley Skibicki!


Harley is a free-spirited and amazingly talented 23-year-old graphic designer working for Uber with a focus in advanced technologies. She is also the designer that created our beautiful cover image for this month's issue! Funky and fun, this ball of sunshine is guaranteed to make friends with any person in Pittsburgh, and make them smile and laugh as long as they're in her presence. She has a beautiful talent and is an even more beautiful person.



M: What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends?


H: The weekend is my time to sleep in and recharge from my busy work week, but it’s also my guilt-free opportunity to have a dope ass time. I like to partake in mellow activities such as enjoying delicious food & drink with my amazing friendos, visiting art exhibits, or creating visual art myself. I also like the louder and less mellow side of our city – you could find me dancing the night away or jamming to some local performance artists. Nature is also very important to me, so I try to get as much time with Mother Earth in as possible. Since it's currently mostly freezing here right now – traveling is my main way to escape to warmer climates. 


M: What do want in a partner?


H: I hope to find someone who is not only my best friend, but also my #1 teammate. Everyone is different and everyone gives care and attention in their own way – but no matter how I get it I hope to find someone to love and care for me all while making it seem not all that serious because we’re just having a fun ass time making each other laugh our asses off. I would be able to look at them with heart eyes and not feel weird about it – and I would be able to still be who I am 1000% with them, in all situations. It’s also important that they acquire the things that make me want to give them all that they might need from me as well. A 50/50 partnership with all gains and no pains – that’s the ideal love game for me.

BUT AT THE SAME DAMN TIME – I’m not out here seeking this person, I’m letting my life happen and focusing on myself – anyone who comes into my life is supposed to be there and I will hopefully be ready when someone amazing swings into my orbit. 



M: Would you prefer someone that loves hard or gives you your space?


H: I think its important to be able to love hard but also respect individuality and space. I’m a lover & have a huge heart – I give love in every situation I’m faced with but I also know that we are all individuals in this world, creating and following some kind of individual path. We seek out others to make our life experience better – and with this – if falling so hard and fast and passionately into love is what both parties are able and want to do – then I’m all for it – Love is the best drug on this planet. But I’m also hyper aware that I need to be here for me myself and I through it all – so space and time with myself to reflect and recharge is important. 


M: Whats your idea of a perfect date?


H: Ideally on a date, I would prefer to be laughing my ass off with a handsome smart fellow who has taken me to a delicious dinner spot after either examining some funky art or listening to some live groovy beats with me. I also like to smoke marijuana so if we could being doing that too, maybe along with some wine – real light – but just to be enjoying good conversation with good company while doing cool things.



M: Where can someone find you if they wanted to take you out?


H: My work consumes me during the day so normally you might find me out in the wild at a funky bar with a nice ambiance. You also might find me supporting the amazing web of local Pittsburgh artists at various events. I’m currently going through an extroverted ‘lets do something’ phase – which is fun… I also like to try new things so – maybe a bit unpredictable – but I am around & trying to live my best life where ever the wind blows me. 

(I’m also socially on the Internet - @harley.skibicki on Instagram) 



Photos by Nicolette Kalafatis, styled by Michelle Montana

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