Patrick Geraci: High End Garment Designer

February 1, 2018




Patrick Geraci, the founder and creator of Geraci Official, a new fashion brand here in Pittsburgh, is a new talent to the area.  Patrick is a 24-year-old Pittsburgh native, designer/technician that has a keen eye for attention detail and a passion for garment construction. Patrick says, “With a background in drawing/painting, I’ve been able to channel those skills into fashion,” and there’s no doubt he’s done just that.


I asked Patrick, what started your interest in fashion, and the young designer has this to say, 

“I’ve always been interested in the construction of things, and I remember cutting up my mom’s towels to make Jedi robes, and I guess you could say that was the beginning.” 


Patrick attended costume school and in 2012 realized that many aspects of design were a fascination to him. He showed a huge interest in couture work, which involves a heavy amount of hand crafting, as well as textile biology. “I think that science and art are so connected that to use them both daily, is a dream.” Patrick positively radiates interest in design and has a natural talent for it as well. 


Geraci Official is focused on menswear, and will be a different approach to the everyday men’s look. The garments constructed by Patrick have high detail in tailoring as well as a thought out design concept. Geraci Official can be described as high fashion and high quality. Most of his work contains feminine patterns collaborated with menswear garments, and it’s exactly what the fashion industry needs right now. With fashion and ideas pushing towards gender neutrality and freedom, Patrick is a stepping stone along the way.


Geraci official is inspired by brands like Dior or Moschino street style, Patrick says. “Maybe a mix of both would be something of my dreams.” 

When it comes to the future of Pittsburgh, Patrick has other plans. Unfortunately, the city doesn’t have the resources necessary for his brand but he says, “I wish the city the best though and know big things are coming.”  


Check out more of his work @GeraciOfficial on Instagram 











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