Power Couple of the Month: Felicia and Kyle

December 31, 2017

I met Felicia McKinney in one of the most unconventional ways: I was working for Point Park University at the time and Felicia had just taken the position as the school’s social media manager. She did a presentation for my group of Pioneer Ambassadors, and she had such spunk to her. She was clearly very excited to start her new position and she had so many fresh ideas. After her presentation, I made a point to welcome her, and it gave me an opportunity to bring some of my ideas for the university's Snapchat to her attention. About a week later, she offered me a job as her intern and it was all history from there. Working with her was incredible, and becoming a friend to her was the cherry on top. Of course, because of this, she had to listen to my relationship woes fairly often, and she always had impeccable advice. She'd already walked a mile in my shoes, and now she was incredibly happy with her new Prince Charming. 


When I think of a power couple, Felicia and partner Kyle Lucot immediately come to my mind because, well, they are perfect together. They live their independent busy career-oriented lives, and then come home to coexist in their happy – and very beautiful – Mt. Washington apartment. Aside from being the social media manager at Point Park, she also teaches a city university life course there, and coaches cheerleading. Kyle is a claims specialist for Cigna Health Care, and also coaches baseball. An adorably sporty couple, right?



Kyle and Fe have been together for nearly three years and have lived together for a little over a year of that time. They met how any modern love story happens, in a bar on Easter Sunday. They met at South Side's Local bar and it was NOT true love at first sight.  "He looked at me and said 'You're beautiful,' and I turned to him and said 'Ugh!'"

Later in the night, some other drunken guy dumped his beer in her shoes and Kyle swooped in to rescue her. Felicia was then left without a ride home, so her prince offered his carriage. "She wouldn't get out of my car! We ended up talking for at least an hour," said Kyle. The two went out again a few days later and it was history from there on. Fe went home and told her friends that she had met the man that she was going to marry. 



I didn't know it at the time of this interview, but Kyle was planning to ask for Felicia's hand in marriage on Christmas. 


Obviously Felicia said yes! Who wouldn't? 


She stated, "People always make you think that a great relationship is one that only happens in the movies and that you need to compromise, and you do, on little things like where to go to eat, and who's going to do the dishes. You don't compromise on who the other person is."


They both talked of how giving each other the support they need is so pertinent to a flourishing relationship. They both explained that their lives are terribly busy, but they support each other even if it’s just in small ways, like showing up to baseball games, and still making room for snuggling up at home. 


Being the social media manager that she is, Felicia also schooled me on appropriate online relationship etiquette. She loves posting about the couple's accomplishments and nights out, but says it’s very important not to drag arguments online for the whole internet to see. "It's really a childish way to handle a fight and then trust goes right out the window. People should just learn to talk things out in person, it's healthier to air your feelings out that way."


Felicia always stressed to me the importance of never settling for less than exactly what you want, and I couldn't think of better advice. "Don't settle and don't let anyone tell you that your perfect person isn't out there because I’m here to tell you that I know it is."


If you see the happy couple, please congratulate them on their engagement. I never believed it before I met the two of them, but that perfect person truly is out there. Here’s to never settling, and to happy thoughts for the future!




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