Winter Trends

Winter is here and so is style. Winter 2017 sees top trends like Pantsuits, Red, and bright, colorful, puffy jackets.

Pantsuits are all the rage in women’s trends this season. It follows the uprising of women’s power and our nation, and what better way to show Pittsburgh men that women are ready to break the glass ceiling. Pantsuits in bold colors will make the statement for you this winter. Silhouettes range from slouchy and oversized to sleek and sophisticated.

The Row


Red seems to be the color this winter and if you thought you wouldn’t be caught dead in red, guess again. Red this winter takes us by storm in bright hues and incendiary tones.  Red shows power and boldness, and will pop in the white outs to come. Whether its simple or glamorous, let it be red.







One of the biggest and fluffiest trends this winter is the big puffy jacket. Its functional yet stylish, creates a sense of warmth and will only be seen by the fashion elite who dare to wear. The motto is the brighter the better, with this garment. Who better to show it off than Pittsburgh’s very own, Liz Sterrett, pictured below.



We asked Liz for her thoughts on some of this year's chill(i)est trends:


My main mantra, if you will, when it comes to fashion and personal style is to do what works for you. Something that looks good on one woman or man might not look so hot on you; never try to force something. So when working with any trend, you might need to do some experimenting and trying-on. Always listen to your instincts and never settle.


One of my favorite winter trends is the "extra" faux fur coat. I don't think there hasn't been a color of faux fur coat I haven't seen this season, and I love it. I've purchased, returned, thrifted, and traded so many coats because I just can't settle on one. Another trend that I love is the massive, colorful, large knit sweaters. Some are so oversized that you can wear them as a dress to show leg. I've always been a fan of balance in silhouettes; like when you're wearing something large or baggy as a top, it tends to look better when you either wear a fitted bottom, or no bottom at all. Show those gams off!


Since it is almost New Years, I must mention all of the sequin pieces I've been seeing. EVERYTHING sparkles; NOTHING is off limits! As with everything else, wearing sequined pieces requires a certain balance, or you might end up looking like a tacky disco ball – emphasis on the tacky. So you need to either have a dress or a sparkly top or bottom, never both, and don't overdo it on the jewelry. It can distract. I would rather do a sultry makeup to compliment the ensemble.


As for accessories, micro-bags and chandelier earrings are my thing at the moment, in any size, color, or variation. Luxe is the lewk, and I love it!


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