April 2, 2018

Hannah Altman is only 22 years old and already she is one of Pittsburgh’s most honest and most self reflective photographers. Although originally from New Jersey, Altman came to the Steel City to attend school at Point Park University. Before ultimately majoring in photography because she enjoyed the fine arts, she initially chose Point Park because of their photojournalism program. Unlike other schools that require students to spend two years in general arts classes, such as drawing and painting, Altman enjoyed that Point Park throws students into their field of study beginning in their first year on campus. As a freshman, Altman began in a Black and White photography class and fell in love with the process and decided that is what she wanted to do.

During her time in Pittsburgh, Altman has made a name for herself within the photography community.

Altman started showing her work publicly when she was a junior in high school in Philadelphia. Since then she has shown her work all over Pit...

April 2, 2018

Dallas Beauty Lounge is not like most salons. It was built on hard work, dedication to specific beauty techniques, and most importantly creating a unique and professional place for clients. I had the opportunity to speak with Dallas Suaers the owner and creator of Dallas Beauty Lounge. Her journey started at the young age of 21 years old when she decided to drop out of college and begin her nail technician journey. She borrowed $530 from her father, bought her supplies, and never looked back. “That $530 was my first and last loan I have ever accepted,” Dallas expressed to me.

    It has now been 3 years since the opening of her Bridgeville store. “I grew up in Bridgeville, PA. I wanted my first store to be near to where I started. It is now a destination for clients. Clients already know what to expect when they walk through those doors,” Dallas explained. Dallas Beauty Lounge is a destination spot. Dallas and the rest of the team take pride in knowing that they are giving clients...

April 2, 2018

Like a wildfire, Gabby Barrett is blazing a trail in the music industry. Since the age of 9, Gabby has made it a point to sing whenever and wherever she can. Gabby Barrett is from the Munhall area of Pittsburgh where she grew up alongside her 7 brothers and sisters. “I have the best family/support system in the world. My family is beyond excited for me right now,” Gabby said with pure excitement. Not only does Gabby have the support of her family, but she has the support of Pittsburgh. They don’t call us the city of “ChampYINZ” for nothing! It means a great deal to her that she has such a huge support system. She said it makes doing what she does even more enjoyable.

“I first started singing in a gospel choir. I worked with them for about 2 years. That is where a lot of my soul comes from,” Gabby said. She enjoys singing all genres of music, but finds the most of herself and her voice in country. “Carrie Underwood is definitely my favorite singer. I love singing her songs, because of th...

April 2, 2018

Over the years, the craft beer industry has grown exponentially. Five years ago, half of the local breweries we have in this city today were still in the home-brewing stage. Now, seeking out craft breweries and spending weekend evenings at their favorites is a beloved past time of Pittsburgh’s millennial generation. The one problem that goes frequently unnoticed by most craft beer fans? Everybody is white.

Now of course, this isn’t a bad thing. The bad thing is, a predominantly white community in a billion dollar industry tends to make people of color who share the same interests hesitant to participate, uncomfortable knowing their lacking representation in spaces like breweries and craft beer events. As a white person, my knowledge of this issue was nonexistent, and I was grateful to have met two Pittsburgh natives who not only could teach me about this topic, but who are also dedicated to giving people of color representation and comfort in this industry. Meet Day Bracey, ½ of th...

April 2, 2018

We sat down with the modern folk band Buffalo Rose to talk about their newest album, touring, and why they love Pittsburgh. Their newest album, The Soil and The Seed, is chock full of foot-tapping tunes that are balanced out with some slower, soulful, harmony-rich tunes.

Give the interview and video a watch and listen to the full album The Soil and The Seed on most streaming services.

April 2, 2018

Conceptualized by Jon Mark and Nick Zukoski, and pioneered by an underground community known as The South, the Wilkins Block Party has evolved from a bangin' party for CMU students during Carnival weekend to a full blown music and arts festival. Pittsburgh rock n roll group Memphis Hill has been hosting this annual event since 2013. The festival has seen rapid expansion each year. This year will be bigger and better than ever, with two stages, live visual art, food from local vendors, and new sponsors and partners. Our mission is simple: we provide a showcase for local musicians and we raise money for a great cause.

            -Logan Randolph, event organizer

The Wilkins Block Party is an annual mini festival that feels more like a big party than anything else. Showcasing an extensive lineup of various, extremely talented musical artists every year, as well vendors of all kinds, food trucks galore, and even mini-workshops during the even...

April 2, 2018

Pittsburgh is now officially home to one of the first Medical Marijuana dispensaries in the Pennsylvania. I, along with many Pittsburghers, am very excited to see this industry grow here in our town.

The new dispensary located in Squirrel Hill, called Solevo Wellness, is the workplace of Zachary Kesneck, a Patient Care Consultant with a great smile & abundant brains. According to Zach, their job is to guide a patient in understanding what medical marijuana is, what it can do for them, why it is such an important alternative medicine, the degree of cannabis that best suites a specific patient, and what application method would make the most sense for the individual's situation. At Solevo Wellness, they really care about the patient. Between the on-site pharmacists and the experience of the patient care consultants, they truly believe they are impacting all patients’ lives in a progressive and positive way. Personally, Zach believes he can provide valuable information about the potentiali...

April 2, 2018

Born into a non-musical family in the Pittsburgh suburb of Squirrel Hill, Max Stofman, now 25 years old, spent his adolescence attending a preparatory high school and teaching himself various musical instruments. Despite being the only one in his family to play music, a wide variety of musical interests from both of his parents, and an introduction to new genres by a teacher in high school, influenced Max to pursue music as a career. By following dreams of producing music for artists, he attended Berklee College of Music in Boston for a double major in Music Production and Engineering & Music Business. It was here in his early days of college that he crossed paths with a group of close friends with whom he spent most of his free time, jamming, writing and producing music. This hobby soon turned into a career, seven and a half years in the making, as the manager of a band called Ripe, composed of the many friends with whom he was making music.

Max and I had known of each other for about...

April 2, 2018

As I sit and type this article, stuffing my face with my homemade ice cream sundae, I think back to the promise I made to myself months ago about getting fit. Can I call it a new year’s resolution? Not really, because I’m pretty sure I knew that in the long run I wouldn’t stick with it. But summer is quickly approaching! And in order to get that “Summer Bod,” I have decided I need to look past the dreary colors of my gym and the weight-lifting I convince myself I love so much, despite constantly being worried about how I look while doing it. The time is now to switch up the typical workout routines that don’t motivate me enough for the workouts that don’t really feel like work. I’ve brought to you a list of some unique and fun programs to help you build that summer body!

There are endless options for programs to get you healthy and fit, and a lot of them have been becoming more and more popular lately, mostly for group events. Programs like dance classes of all kinds, like hip hop, bell...

April 2, 2018

A passport allows for you to travel freely between places, gain priceless adventures, and learn and experience new things. The Pittsburgh Coffee Passport promotes a similar experience. You can indulge yourself in the cities coffee community, the one that speaks fluent "cortado." 

I sat down with Julie Kahlbaugh, one of the creators of the coffee passport to learn about what makes this little ticket so desirable.  The passport features local coffee shops that all offer different experiences. You take your passport to each shop, select your drink, and then just like a regular stamped passport, they will punch the shop out of yours so that everyone knows what you've already experienced.

Julie and her fiancé Rodney had the idea to start the coffee passport because they knew that it would really help people discover the shops that Pittsburgh knows and loves.  She said, "The shops get 50% of each passport sale, which seems like a lot but our goal isn't to make money, it's to get more...

April 2, 2018

It's exciting when we find something that is totally classic and normal but has an new and interesting twist. That's what some of us here at Moxie have found in The Abbey’s Open Mic Series hosted by Corrine Jasmin. According to Corrine, her purpose at these events is to “make sure everyone is having a great time, and to make it a point that everyone and anyone is welcome to stop by, always. It’s really cool to be able to host and curate an event that makes people feel good and smile. It’s all about bringing people out to have a good time!”

For many performers, Open Mic Nights are considered to be beautiful and empowering opportunities; this also stands true for Corrine. She says,

“They expose all of the talent in the city, both established and non. I get to interact with longtime and first time performers, which is really a great experience. There are so many talented people in Pittsburgh on a variety of different planes, and it’s refreshing to see people come out and either support or s...

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