Annalee  Tomak

Founder, Artistic Director


Annalee (Annie) was born in a small town in western PA and moved to Pittsburgh to continue her education at Point Park University where she graduated with a Degree in Advertising and PR and a focus in Graphic Design. As a student, she found it immensely difficult to find a central place to find things happening in the area. She also felt that the city lacked a strong voice from her own demographic. She decided to start Moxie for this reason, and with the help of some talented peers; she hopes to create a platform for all of the people, businesses, artists, and restaurants in the area to showcase their talent. 


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Nicolette   Kalafatis

Vice President, Media Manager


Meet Nicolette, a 22-year-old lifetime Pittsburgh resident who spends too much of her time in coffee shops around the city. By branding herself as a local photographer by hobby, she’s met an abundance of amazing people around the city, and hopes that Moxie will bring even more opportunities to do so. When not out shooting photos or drinking coffee, it’s a safe bet to find Nicolette shooting pool at a dive bar, finding the best live music around the city, or the most delicious food spots around town.


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Supporting Editor


Dwayne Gresik is 24 year old professional with interest in people and fashion. Dwayne works at American Eagle Corporate and Supercuts Salon. Dwayne graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he gained his Bachelor’s degree in fashion marketing and merchandising. He has experience in writing, editing, and running social media sites for various companies. He is a very passionate and high energy person and that shines through his work. Dwayne loves any chance to network, grow, and write.


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Dwayne  Gresik


Bre  Rock

Contributing writer

Meet Bre Rock; a musician, writer, media designer, food and movie critic, and comedian. You might recognize her as the voice of “Blush Gentlemen’s Club”. She is currently working at Froggy Radio Pittsburgh as their media, sales and traffic coordinator. In Bre’s free time she loves to explore the city of Pittsburgh, write music, read, and hang out with friends. She is very passionate about politics, exploring areas of fashion, music, and movies, and helping out within her community. Bre hopes to bring knowledge, creativity, and comic relief to the magazine. She is very excited to be a part of Moxie Magazine, and hopes to help create a fun and informative space for people within the city.

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Harley Skibicki


House Graphic Designer, Contributing Writer & Cover Artist


Harley is a passionate and fun loving individual who hails from a small town in Western Pennsylvania. She came to Pittsburgh to acquire knowledge and further enhance her skills as a Designer. Since then, she has obtained a Multimedia, Advertising & Public Relations Degree with a focus in Graphic Design from Point Park University. If Harley isn’t working with Advanced Technologies at Uber or creating designs for her clients you might find her wandering through nature, art galleries, getting groovy on the dance floor or traveling the world. She is super excited to be able to use her eye for design, visual artistry, and her community-focused nature at Moxie Magazine - her excitement excites all. 



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Emma Christley

Contributing Writer


Emma Christley is a student at Point Park University. As an Interdisciplinary Studies major, she is studying journalism, photography, and cultural history as well as taking courses in advertising, social media and whatever else she thinks will help her in reaching her goal of working for Rolling Stone Magazine. When she's not studying at her favorite spot on campus, she's out doing photography, going on coffee shop excursions with friends, listening to music, going to hockey games, concerts, or musicals, watching movies, or reading. She's very excited to be a part of Moxie Magazine and for the opportunity to explore Pittsburgh more and find the awesome, more off the wall features the city has to offer!

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Savanna  Adams

Contributing Writer

Savanna is a marketing communication specialist and freelance writer residing in New Wilmington, PA, with her furry friend, Dobby. Savanna enjoys writing short stories jam packed with adjectives, suspense, and hidden meanings. When she isn’t busy putting pen to paper, she enjoys watching reruns of Criminal Minds, reading, snuggling with her nieces, and sipping fruity wine. Savanna is excited to showcase her creative writing skills with Moxie and to meet even more wonderful Pittsburgh natives.

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Melanie  Stangl

Contributing Writer

Melanie, 26, has a lot of love for Pittsburgh’s music scene. Since moving here in 2013, she’s spent way too much money on concert tickets, amassed a huge portfolio writing for local music website Sound Scene Express, and met many incredible people along the way. In between penning album reviews, co-hosting an open mic night, and earning her stripes as a concert photographer, she graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.A. in History and Creative Writing in 2017. Her goals include diving deeper into music journalism, traveling the world, and (eventually) being stable enough to own two dogs. In her time off, you can usually find her out at a local show or hiking in a local park.

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